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BikeIf you want to learn or improve your Bike and freeride technique, our MTbike instructors will teach you during this week how to exploit your technical skills in freeride, enduro and downhill! Discover more…

– Climbing: Learn how to trackle via ferratas while being accompanied on the most challenging, learn new climbing techniques or climb some of the highest peaks in total safety with the experience of our Alpine Guides! Discove more…

Extreme: To live a really emotional holyday trying every day a new challenging activity! Live the Val di Fassa outdoor because experience is life! Discover more…

Easy: A relaxing week surrounded by the fabulous nature of the Valley, living every day a different activity. Discover more…

Every CAMP is available in 3 options:

Week (7 days holyday – 7 nights and 5 half or full days activities)

– Short Week (5 days holyday – 4 nights and 4 half or full day activities)

– Weekend (3 days holyday – 2 nights and 2 half or full day activities)

Save some money choosing one of our “low season” weeks!

The suggested weeks are:

– from the beginning of June to the middle of July

– from the end of August to the end of September

Live with us the Val di Fassa outdoor! Because Experience is life!