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Excursions & Trekking

Excursions are divided into different levels:

– EASY: easy walks suitable for everybody with no altitude gap.

– INTERMEDIATE/EASY: walks and excursions with very low altitude gap up to max 300m.

– INTERMEDIATE: more challenging hiking that require more hours of walking and a more important altitude gap up to 700m.

– DIFFICULT: definitely more challenging excursions for those who want to face great hikes from 700m up to 1000m and walk up to 6/8 hours.

Info and booking at any Sport Check Point within 6.00 pm of the day before the excursion.

For the EASY excursions we recommend trekking boots or walking shoes.

For the INTERMEDIATE and DIFFICULT excursions it is compulsory to wear trekking boots.

Download here the program in PDF format: Walking Package summer 2018


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