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Skateboard meant as personal growth, both on a social, creative and motion level. By means of a didactic progression, you will learn the basics of skateboarding in full safety, with the assistance of specialized personnel.

Course Typologies:


You will learn the very basics of skateboarding, such as “stance”, push, bands, braking, ramps, approach to “manuals” and “ollie”, controlled falls.


You will start skating seriously! “ollie” (from stationary and in motion), “powerslide”, “drop”, “back side” and “front side” turning techniques on the skate facilities, falling techniques.

it is now time to improve your style and develop your skills by learning more difficult tricks: “ollie” and its variants (“nollie, fakie ollie, switch ollie”), “pop shove-it”, first rotations (“180° back and front side) and first “grabs”.

Lesson Times:

From Monday to Saturday

Morning 10:30 – 12:30 am

Afternoon 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Courses are for all those who want to approach this fascinating discipline.

Boys and girls from 4 years.


1 TO 1: 1 hour individual lesson. Price: 30€

FUN PACKAGE: 6 individual lessons lasting 1 hour, once or twice a week. Price: 150€

MINI GROUP: 1 hour group lesson, max 4 participants. Price: 20€ per person

MINI GROUP PACKAGE: 11 hours group lessons, max 4 participants. Price: 200€ per person

The price includes lesson with instructor, skateboard and helmet hire.

How to take part:

Info and booking at any Sport Check Point within the day before the lesson.


– Sport Check Point +39 340 1147382

Referent: Mattia +39 347 044 9924

Facebook: Val di Fassa Skateboard

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