To counter the frenzy in which we live we offer an activity that helps to remove the tensions that invade us every day.
Archery represents an excellent combination of sport and meditation. Mental resources play a fundamental role in controlling this gesture that requires concentration, attention, method and dexterity to perform precise and harmonious movements.

The muscular effort is mainly localized at the level of the shoulders and upper limbs to put the rope-limbs system in tension.
The practice of this sport contributes to theimprovement of the muscular tone of the whole body.
The correct attitude of the archer is given by the firm and upright posture, this is necessary to obtain satisfactory results.


What to bring:
Sporty and comfortable clothing, better if tight for the upper body (chest and arms).

Info and reservations:
Calling the manager Ivo at the following
number: +39 338 8918888

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