Yoga is the curing of ones body, health, relaxation, awareness, it brings us to
build strength and physical and mental balance.

Unconscious fears, habits and thoughts can be heavy baggage that weighs us down, affecting our mental and physical freedom. The mind is a labyrinth, and yoga and meditation are the wings that allow us to observe the labyrinth from above.


The instructor

Tania Detomas is a Yoga and Meditation instructor, she received her diploma in 2009 from the Ananda Ashram in Milan. She studies oriental philosophy and continues to deepen her knowledge on different styles of Yoga and Meditation. She founded the Samoy Association for the advancement and growth in Yoga and Meditation technique. Now she is finishing a three year course in counseling at the International Institute for Psychosynthetic Education in Trento. Her passion is Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and she continues her studies of spiritual texts through teachings and retreats of great Lamas.


How to book the lessons?

At any Sport Check Point office of the Valley within the day before the lesson


What to bring?

Comfortable clothes and a yoga mat (in the case you don’t have a yoga mat on request it can be provided free of  charge)



Sport Check Point tel. + 39 340 1147382

–Tania +39 347 2484773 or




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