Tai chi fu style and qi gong

Tai chi fu style and qi gong

Tai Chi Fu Style and Qi Gong are disciplines of Chinese origin, known throughout the world as long-life practices. They develop psychophysical balance, well-being and longevity. With practice we will learn how to know ourselves better, both mentally and physically; how to dissolve and eliminate energy contractions and blocks; how to acquire intuition, clarity of thought, creativity and serenity.


is used to reinvigorate vital energy, it brings wellbeing to mind and body. It is used to slow down the aging process, to return to breathe in a natural way, to strengthen muscles and determination, to bring peace to the mind, to develop calm and concentration, to stretch the meridian muscles and internal organs and to remove the Qi stasis.
Practices: *Open the nine doors, *Cultivate the Qi, *Flow the Qi in the meridians, *Fixed postures, *The art of active relaxation, *The eight Broccato pieces, *8 trigrams and 8 animals, *The 6 secret sounds.

TAI CHI Fu Style
is a Chinese discipline known throughout the world as a long-life practice. Its history goes back to thousands of years ago. Tai Chi looks like a slow and graceful dance, it is a synthesis between martial arts, therapeutic method and way of transcendence. It has been defined as a “moving meditation” that is able to develop psychophysical balance, well-being and longevity, while improving defense capabilities.
Practices: *Form Eight *Earth Shape and its positions, *Applications.




Association info and contacts:
“Centro TAO della montagna” di Irene Deflorian
Kinesiologo-Naturopata Biotrainer®
Irene: +39 349 3264800
Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/

Qi gong and tai chi fu style

Qi gong and tai chi fu style


Duration:1 hour

Available days:Tuesday, Thursday

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