Fassa Padel

Fassa Padel

Fassa Padel: CITY MOOD, DOLOMITES DREAM! Padel is finally in Val di Fassa!

Fassa Padel was born at the foot of the Dolomites in Val di Fassa. The extraordinary location, the suggestive structure, the landscape and the surrounding environment are the best offer that Fassa Padel can offer.

Fassa Padel wants to become part of the daily routine of every guest in Val di Fassa. The doors will be open to everyone from early morning until late evening.

Training Camp 1h – 40 €
Competition field 1,5h – 56 €

Open from 7.00am to 11.00 pm every day

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Info & Contacts:
Fassa Padel
Strada di Bagnes, 14
38036 San Giovanni di Fassa TN
+39 3757909166 / info@fassapadel.it

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