Fishing experience

Fishing experience

Course on introduction to fishing

Would you like to learn how to fish on the pristine waters of our rivers and streams?
A course with our Federal Guides and Instructors is just what you need!

Here are our proposals:

1. FLY FISHING ON THE AVISIO RIVER: starting from the Sport Check Point in Moena, with a short walk through the village, we will reach the place where you will begin to learn this fascinating fishing technique. After an introduction to the equipment, bait and fish species present, we will begin with the first casts hoping to fool the crafty trouts in our waters!

2. LIVE BAIT FISHING ON THE RIO SAN PELLEGRINO: starting from the Sport Check Point in Moena, we will drive to Fango, on the road leading to the San Pellegrino Pass. We then reach the stream on foot where, after the usual introduction to this specific type of fishing, we will begin the activity.

3. LAKE FISHING: Starting from the Sport Check Point in Moena, we will walk along an easy walk to Lake Pezzè where we will be introduced to this simple technique, which is also suitable for


Guided fishing trip
You already know how to fish and would like to get to know the secret places in our waters? A guided fishing trip with our Federal Guides and Instructors is the right choice! Depending on the technique you know, the fish you want to catch and the type of water that fascinates you most, we will find together the most suitable solution. From searching marble trout with the fly in the Avisio river, to chasing brook trout on our San Pellegrino and Bios streams.
These and many other fishing areas await you!

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